Academy Inclement Weather Policy

We recognize that adverse weather conditions can prevent students from reaching the Academy. We will ensure that the health and safety of our students is not compromised, by allowing affected individuals immediate access to leave depending on the circumstances. No student will be required to attend if it is unsafe to do so. These arrangements will apply to all students. 

It is expected that students will make every reasonable effort to reach the Academy. However, students are not expected to, and should not, put themselves at risk. Individuals who live in remote areas are aware of the potential difficulties they may face during periods of adverse weather and should be prepared to make appropriate arrangements in relation to attendance. It is recognized that there will inevitably be occasions when weather conditions are so severe that some individuals in outlying areas will either be prevented from getting to the Academy or will be late and/or need to leave early. 

*All closing will be communicated to students and employees via text and email by 6:00am on the day of closure or delay. In addition, it will be posted on the Academy website and on the greeting of the main phone number to the Academy at; (540) 710-7600. 

*Any student who is unable to attend due to weather is required to email or call the main phone number and dial extension 703. Please leave your name and the date you will be unable to attend. If there are any questions or uncertainties, please call the Director, Stacey Lynn Smith at (540) 406-7005.