Course Outline 

Fundamental Training Course Curriculum                                           Tuition: $4,000.00

1.   Introduction to Permanent Makeup; a. history of permanent cosmetic tattooing.
2.   Sanitation, disinfection, and decontamination protocols; a. types of sanitation, disinfectants, and 
germicide., b. sterilization equipment procedures and b. proper supply disposal, and c. equipment and Instrument storage.
3.   Safety; a. immunizations, b. blood spill procedures, c. OSHA and CDC standards, Bloodborne 
Pathogen Standards, and c. first aid.
4.   Anatomy; a. layers, parts, and function of the skin, b. diseases and c. the transmission cycle of infectious d
5.   Machines and devices; a. coil machine; b. hand device, and c. other devices.
6.   Needles; a. types, b. proper handling, c. uses and applications and d. disposal. 
7.   Color & pigment theory; a. pigment and the different types, b. skin undertones, c. handling, d. mixing, and e. use and
8.   Equipment use; a. gloves, b. masks, c. face shields, d. apron/smock, e. chair, f. lighting, and g. work and procedure table. 
9.   Anesthetics; a. types, b. when to use, c. application & removal and d. handling and storage.
10. Professional standards; a. proper hygiene and cleanliness, b. recordkeeping, c. tray reparation, d. making 
appointments & maintain calendar and e. studio/salon ethics.
11. Client Consultation; a. client health history, b. consent forms, c. contradictions and disorders and when not to 
service a client, d. disclosure forms and e. patch tests and how to administer.
12. Photography (taking proper before and after photos for documentation)
13. Virginia tattooing regulations; a. laws and b. licensing (VA DPOR). 
14. Practice on latex and other practice mediums, minimum 50 performances (each performance as follows; 
2 eyebrows = 1 performance, 2 eyeliner = 1 complete lip liner/shading = 1 performance.
15. Business Setup; a. marketing, b. promoting services, c. establishing and servicing clientele, d. management, 
e. studio and or salon licensing requirements, and f. taxes.
16. Permanent cosmetic tattooing live model and/or latex procedures; a. client consultation, b. client health form, c. client 
disclosure forms, d. client preparation, e. sanitation and safety precautions, f. implement selection and how to use, g. proper use of equipment, h. supply and material selection and use, i. procedures; 1. Eyebrows; 2. Eyeliner; 3. Lip liners and coloring, j. reviewing aftercare and touch-up, and h. proper disposal, cleanup, and sanitation.



After completing the training, the student should be able to: 

1.    Discuss the history of makeup and define permanent makeup and outline the career opportunities available. 
2.    Explain the liabilities for someone who wants to perform permanent makeup treatments.
3.    Understand the skin and its different layers by identifying the major structures of the skin affected by permanent 
makeup, in addition to the important structures of the eyes affected by permanent makeup.
4.    Understand basic color theory as it pertains to permanent makeup and understand skin tones and how to 
identify with utilizing the Fitzpatrick skin type scale.
5.     Apply the different strategies of communication and discuss the purpose of the consultation. Understand 
how to conduct a thorough analysis of clients and their individual circumstances, goals, and expectations. 
6.    Understand the importance of safety, sanitation, and OSHA and CDC compliance for permanent makeup.
7.    Explain specific rules and regulations specific to permanent makeup.
8.    Discuss and define the recognized techniques used for permanent makeup application and define 
complications, side effects, and treatment consequences.
9.    Understand the importance of advanced training and continuing education.
10.  Discuss the significance of technology, and the effects of trends on your business.
11.  Discuss the value of managing and marketing your business properly. 

12.  Have a basic understanding of three procedures; a basic powder brow, basic eyeliner, and lip blush.

Text and Supplies Required

All books, supplies, and student kit will be provided by the Academy and included in the tuition.

Textbook: Milady's Aesthetician Series: Permanent Makeup, Tips, and Techniques 1st Edition, BY: Pamela Hill, RN, Edition: 07 Copyright: 2007, Publisher: Delmar Publications Published: 2007, ISBN-13: 978-1401881733 - ISBN-10: 1401881734



Course Includes Supplies/Kit:
1.   Wireless Rotary machine with cartridge needles
2.   Manual tools with blades
3.   Pigment 
4.   Eyebrow Rulers 
5.   Mapping String
6.   Eyebrow & Lip Pencils 
7    Gel precision pens 
8.   Sample Aftercare products 

9.   Miscellaneous sample products
10. Latex for practice work

Supplies/practical work:

Miscellaneous such as PPE (hair covering, aprons/smocks, face shields, masks, gloves, etc.), and all other supplies for lab and module procedures will be provided by the Academy during the entire training.



Grading Plan

The course will be graded as follows:
Attendance 100% Mandatory (90 Hours / Makeup days are available on Saturdays)
Mapping and Practice mediums: 80% Minimum
Quizzes: 85% Minimum
Final Exam 85% Minimum

*Please note, attending the Basic Fundamental Permanent Makeup Course is not a guarantee of Certification. To certify, you must successfully meet the requirements, demonstrate your skills in creating a proper eyebrow, eyeliner, and lips on latex, and only after your instructor’s approval can you participate with models.


•   All students are required to take a Blood Borne Pathogens Class, CPR & First Aid, and receive a Certificate. We will provide you with a list of approved classes required by the VA Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation in the admission packet. It is the student’s responsibility to check with their individual State to obtain specific requirements for licensing prior to enrollment.
•   A copy of your Hep B shot record, or you may sign a “Letter of Declaration of Declination” of hepatitis B 
•   Copy of Driver’s License or other Government ID.
•   Complete our Registration & Enrollment Form, and General Terms Contractual Conduct Agreement and pay the 
applicable deposit.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made after the 3rd business day of registration fee and or tuition payment, and before the first day of class can only be applied towards futures classes. Cancellations can only be made in writing or by certified mail. Classes are subject to availability of class seating. Cancellations made within the 3rd business day will be refunded the tuition less a $500.00 administration fee. Cancellations must be mailed to NoVA Academy of Micropigmentation, 802 Westwood Office Park, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Graduation Requirements

To meet the Academy’s requirements for Certification, each student must attend a minimum of 90 hours. In addition, each student must meet all the academic requirements as outlined, including evaluation and grading on Theory, Practical Work, Quizzes, and Final-Examination.

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