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Hello Beauty Bossbabes

Come join the fastest growing career in the beauty industry... and be trained, certified & licensed in 45 days!

Our goal is to deliver the most amazing experience and training long after the classroom. Here at NoVA Academy of Micropigmentation & Permanent Cosmetic Makeup, we focus on in-depth training that will give you the knowledge and confidence to perform PMU services and build your client base. We not only teach you to become an amazing Permanent Cosmetic Artist, but we also teach you how to become a highly successful Entrepreneur & PMU Boss Babe. Like how to establish your business structure, establish supply accounts, raise operating capital, market your business, and how to manage your new business as you grow. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations every time by offering 12 months of mentoring and support. In addition, we have a program to match you with Models that schedule services with NoVA Academy, so you can focus on building your portfolio and working with clients right away. You just show up, and we provide the treatment room!

"We Teach Success"  #pmubossbabe

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Mapping for eyebrow procedure
Eyebrows Micropigmentation
Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo
Permanent Powder Brow
Permanent Eyebrows
Micropigmentation NanoBrows
Blush Lips


Instructor Supervised Model Services


All students are closely supervised by our Master Instructor Stacey Lynn Smith. We ensure our Students and models close supervision as the instructor will begin the procedure for the purpose of demonstration and training, and then only students who have passed rigorous testing will be permitted to work on models. At all times during the procedure, the instructor will remain seated next to the student participating in the procedure.

Our students go through extensive training and are tested on various levels of academics, prior to participating in the live model phase of our Certification. 

If you are interested in being a model and having services performed at our academy, please contact us at (540) 710-7600 to see if you qualify and when our next available opening is. We would love to hear from you!


Basic Fundemental Course

NoVA Academy offers the most comprehensive training in the fastest-growing field in the beauty industry. Start your new career today!

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Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses provide you with in-depth training so you can get the knowledge and hands-on training while becoming an expert in your area of interest.

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Modeling Services

Modeling Services provide you with tremendous savings with all your permanent makeup needs and are closely supervised by our Master Instructor.

Contact Us

To find out more information about our beauty procedures or learning at NoVA Academy of Micropigmentation & Permanent Cosmetic Makeup, contact us today.


              802 Westwood Office Park

               Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

                        (540) 710-7600


We look forward to talking soon!

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