Class Attendance Policy

If for any reason a student is unable to attend class or is going to be late, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the Director immediately. We understand that sometimes life happens, however you MUST call in to report your absence or tardiness or it will be marked as “unexcused”. In the event you miss time from class, you will be required to make up your hours on Saturday. If there are multiple days, arrangements will have to be made, because it is mandatory to reach the required hours for certification. You can call the Academy directly at (540) 710-7600, if it is before normal class hours or the evening before, you can contact the Director, Stacey Lynn Smith at (540) 406-7005. 


We will make every effort to assist our students in completing the required hours to complete certification. However, if hours are missed, the student will have to make arrangements to makeup the hours on Saturdays or in a future class.

If more than 2.5 days are missed during the 2-week course schedule, it is at the Directors discretion to reschedule the student for a future class.