Microblading to Shade Class   

"Blade to Shade" & "Nano Machine Strokes"

For all Student levels. This 2-day course will teach the newest "Digital Micro-Shading & Nano Strokes Methods", Mapping & Design for shading Powder, Ombre Brows & Nano Strokes, Choosing the right style, and why, Marketing 101, and Industry Secrets to selling this service to your clients. This class will also include a full kit for you to use on up to 10 clients and a new machine with all the necessary equipment needed to start right away and a complete demonstration on 2 models. Students receive certification upon completion as well as our top of the line NoVA Academy support for our cherished Alumni. Also, learning NoVA's newest technique "Shading" & "Nano Strokes", this class is an in-depth training course preparing you for the permanent makeup world's latest demands. 

Business Credit, Social Media Marketing & Advertising

For Students who want to learn how to structure, protect, setup and grow their business; to include Corporate or LLC structure, the 27 compliance checkpoints required to get funding, how to set up vendor accounts, how to establish your small business as a minority business on Sams, a government website making you eligible for additional benefits and grants. Social Media and how to be booked out a month in advance

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